Tupperware Specials

Mirage Casserole 4,5LThe Chef Series™ Mirage Casserole (4,5 L)
has excellent heat-conductive properties.
The casseroles have a wide, flat bottom with
high sides, making them perfect for preparing
large amounts of food.
The stainless-steel covers allow the casseroles
to be used for cooking inside the oven, as well as
on the stovetop. 26 cm (D) x 12 cm (H) – 15,5 cm (H) including the metal cover

TuPpErWaRe SpEcIaLs

Micro Pressure Cooker (2 L)During cooking, the sealed container and
the safety lock provide the pressure and raise the
inside temperature above 110°C. The pressure helps to combine an even heat distribution, a preservation of the flavours, a conservation of colours and faster cooking.
Available Week 11 to 19 • 11 March to 12 May 2016